So, Goodbye

Give too much in the beginning 
My world is great, my head is spinning

Things begin to slow down tho
A frown appears to express woe

Have I kissed another frog?
Am I seeing clearly? Or thru smog?

I felt I meant so much to him
But now he treats me on a whim

He saw me and still talked to her
He put me on the back burner

But it’s my fault for getting burned
I’ve been here before, and still haven’t learned

To pace myself when starting new
To question everything they do

Instead I rush, so I’m a fool
And now I’ve really lost my cool

I’m insecure, jealous as hell
I thought I knew him oh so well

I thought his care was deep, well-meaning
But on a whim, it turned deceiving

My body’s broken, so’s my heart
Don’t even know where I can start

But I do know where to finish
The time is here, I’ve been diminished

I will not sit on the sidelines
No longer prioritize your life over mine

For every single time I try
My body tells me otherwise

And even if it takes some time,
To the wisdom of my body, I cannot lie

So, Goodbye

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