What is Love?

Valentine’s Day is upon us, which is a great opportunity to focus on what love is and what it isn’t. 1- Love is embracing yourself, your strengths as well as your weaknesses. 2- Love is seeing your greatness, while acknowledging you are a work in progress. 3- Love is protecting your heart with healthy internal boundaries, instead … Continue reading What is Love?


This week in synagogue there is an extra portion read to remember the nation that attacked the Israelites when they were weak, Amalek, the nation from which Haman, the villain of the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim, originated. Remembering can be helpful when times are difficult: Remember when you were strong, centered, when life was … Continue reading Remember

Mama Growing Pains

"I want to have your baby"Songs written by those gone crazyOur love would drown in the diaper changesAnd sleepless nightsLeading to reasonless fightsJust because things don't feel rightCuz we're constantly itching for something moreContinuously plagued by moment-to-moment bore-domI once was ableNow free time is just a fableSo I'm less capableBut life's not less escapableTrained on … Continue reading Mama Growing Pains