Maybe Marketing Doesn’t Suck

In a previous post (weeks ago) I wrote about how I love creating but I hate marketing my creations. The former is genuine, from the soul. The latter, is artificial, trying to take advantage of others’ souls.



And so, for years whenever I would market a book I wrote or an event I was running, I had a sh** ton of self-loathing rushing through my veins.

That is until today.

I finally found a niche in marketing that is for me.


I hate bothering my friends with my self-serving agenda . I value each person I message. I don’t wanna do a spam msg people.

So today when I let them know about the upcoming Living in Love Event (that flyer I referenced on Tisha B’av blog post), I thanked each person by name. I also put the prayer position emoji there. I really meant it. I was present and thinking of each person, and how much I appreciate each person as I sent them the thank you. I felt the warmth in my heart that I feel toward them, toward their unique qualities. Toward the relationship we have. Sometimes I even asked how they were doing.

Doing this made me feel a lot better about reaching out to them.

I was marketing to them, yes. But I also genuinely wanted to send them good vibes, with or without their support of/interest in my upcoming event.

So I thanked each person with their name and I really meant it. Sometimes I even asked how they were doing. Doing this made me feel I felt much better about it. I didn’t feel I was bothering them, using them.

It took a lot of time. But it was worth acting from the heart and not feeling like a dick.

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