I’m a Cool Cat

As I process a lot of intense emotion and emotional wounds in recent weeks, I am finding myself to be more protective of my kitty.

On the one hand, I want to let her out to play freely, to frolic in the beautiful nature.

On the other hand, I want to put her in a room and shut the door.

I can’t bear the thought of losing her.

Never could.

And now, in my raw state, all the more so.

We regularly let kitty go outside. We put her on a 30-foot leash in the yard as to not have to worry about her getting lost—aforementioned scenario above is when she runs our on her on volition when we open the door and she is just too darn sneaky and fast and gets out…Ahhh how we try to contain her!…

I love nature and I cannot bear the thought of taking our precious kitty who we received from our friends car port when she was 6 weeks old and forcing her to a life indoors. It’s just so unnatural—pun intended—nature!!!!!

I’ve always acknowledged that my own love for and experience of the healing power of nature is what fuels my ambitious desire to get kitty outside for a couple hours on a mostly-daily basis.

My kitty reflects me, and then I reflect back from my kitty:

Just as I want to be free. So too, at times, I need to protect myself.

Put up boundaries.

Focus on self-preservation.

Be cautious.

Feel a little imprisoned once in a while.

In order to protect myself in my vulnerability.

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