Reality is Broken

Title of a cool book by Jane McGonigal.

Also title of this blog post, which is pretty darn cool too.

If my great-grandfather didn’t ask out my then-engaged-to-someone-else great-grandmother, I would not be alive.

I’ve oft wondered about people who get divorced. Like maybe their relationship was never meant to be; but if that were the case their children wouldn’t have been born. I love their freakin’ children. This thought first came to me regarding a cousin of mine years ago.

In Judaism, the Messiah of David comes from an out-of-wedlock child.

We don’t want to strive to do broken things. Hell no.

But we have to forgive ourselves when we do break shit.

Reality is broken.

We are all broken,

We are all imperfect, we are all human.

Per the Kabbalah, the world is made from a vessel which was shattered into an infinite amount of pieces. And it is our job in this world to join forces to put it back together.

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