I’m at a great place career-wise now. I am working full time in a nutrition job that I LOVE while having a couple extra hours a month to devote to my private practice. And I appreciate how I can charge affordable rates at my private practice since it’s not the main way I am earning a living. I’ve always wanted to charge lower prices and make nutrition counseling more accessible to people. Now I don’t have to feel bad for charging less than market value, since it’s my side gig. And I love helping my private clients attain their health goals. What a win-win!

I’ve also really enjoyed the last couple months of extensive blogging. It’s not that I am writing a lot. Rather I am processing life’s experiences and memories and they are invoking thoughts to pour out of me.

It felt good this morning to honor my rich mornings of journaling, blogging, and self-reflection. A friend messaged me, but after a quick reply, I got back to business.

So too, when people date they don’t need extra guys to distract them, on which to lean, etc. They just have to cultivate a strong inner life and/or a hobby or two they are passionate about.

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