Spoken Word and Education

I haven’t done much formal research into this yet, though my cousin told me to look up Lori Baudino.

I’ve been listening to a lot of rap recently.


Damn, these people are talented.

Dude, let’s reform education so that people have the option of learning through spoken word and rhythm.

In fact, that’s actually how we all did it back in the day with the Oral tradition. Before we started writing shit down. We only had the oral tradition and we put tunes and songs to it to help us remember it.

C’mon y’all.

We all have different learning styles!

Stop making people think they are incompetent when really you are the one that doesn’t get it.

If you haven’t changed how you educate yet.

If you still think kids should be put in boxes.

Wake the F*** up.

I’m sick of all the kids feeling like shit for years because they don’t do well or well enough in school. And this low self-worth becomes their foundation for life.

School has failed us y’all.

I gave up my creativity and soul to memorize and ingest as much information as I could in fear that I wouldn’t excel.

Many struggle in school on different levels.

Now is a time of change. Tides have been turning. We need to accelerate this though.

I’m done with this system that f***s up kids’ self-esteem and removes their inherent creativity and doesn’t honor their distinct way of learning.


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