Patriarchy is Dead (A Rap)

Patriarchy is dead
It’s lying on its head

I’m not covering my skin
I don’t believe—so what’s the win

What rules am I following
The one’s that deny

That ones that have done nothing
But try 

Oh no, is that dirt on your shoulder?
Let me dust it off

And you be staring at me
With your obnoxious scoff

Cuz I decided to heal my trauma
To be in My Body, to embrace the drama

I’m not covering up,
I’m not burying my soul

I’m not turning my heart
From flesh into coal

I must be genuine
Pronounced like the rapper

I don’t care if you hate me
Or if you think I’m dapper

Your acceptance is not what I’m after
My skin is deep, I’m not made of plaster

I’m trying to heal, I’m the real deal
Don’t mean to offend by what I reveal

I’m doing my thing, just let me be
What’s that? You don’t like what you see?

Ok, so turn the other way
I’m not in the mood, no not today

I’m not gonna try to convince you
I’m not gonna say give me three chance not two

If you don’t wanna take the time
To look deeper into my rhymes

That’s not on me
That’s your decision

Even so
I’ll go on—winnin’

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