Celebrating NON-Celebrity

While writing hashtags for my post this morning, Instagram taught me something! In the midst of typing out “celebration,” it gave me the option “celebrity.” It’s no wonder we can get so caught up in the lives of those in Hollywood when their very title entails them being something to celebrate!

The underbelly of fame, of course, can be ugly and difficult. If nothing else, it takes hard work and tireless hours. And there are many pressures.

But we don’t think about that, we just want what they have.

That light. That charisma. That likability. That beauty.

If we can’t have it, the closest we can be is to obsess about it, right?

But surely our everyday life has what to celebrate! Our physical capabilities, our mental capacities. Our family and friends whom we hold dear.

So thank you IG, for reminding me what life is really all about.

Celebrating my Brother’s Wedding this Weekend

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