Sunny Moments on a Solemn Day

Do you ever feel like something occurs for one apparent reason, but really there is another underlying reason? Kind of like the difference between peshat, the literal meaning of a biblical story, and derash, the metaphorical one. One action can occur, holding simlutaneously within multiple levels of meaning.

Well yesterday, which was the 16th anniversary of my dad’s passing, my supervisor gave me a sunflower for my daughter. I was excited to gift it to her when I picked her up from school.

And as I walked to my car after work that afternoon, I couldn’t help but feel that it was no coincidence that I received a sunflower on this very day. As if my father’s spirit was shining down on me, sending me some much-needed encouragement and love. And/or the universe was providing me with an extra boost, on this most solemn occasion.

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