Heart-Centered Vocation

What does it mean to find work you love? Recently, I gave myself permission to pursue my passion in full force. I am not switching careers, I am still a self-compassionate dietitian, per my previous post, but truly I’ve evolved into the type of dietitian/nutritionist I am today. My focus on self-compassion increased when I read Kristen Neff’s book, Self-Compassion (she really wanted you know what it was about!), three years ago. I read it for my personal growth, and then found myself plunging into it professionally, researching the positive impact that self-compassion has on diabetes management, as well as further deepening my studies in intuitive eating and mindfulness.

I came into the field of nutrition from a heart-centered place. I grew up in a health-conscious home and wanted to share the jewels of wellness with clients and patients, like I had been doing for years prior with my peers.

I have been a registered dietitian for more than a decade now! (Wow, it’s mind-boggling. And how can I still be 29? Hmm, this math isn’t adding up…)

Same profession, yes. But also evolving in my focus and refining my philosophy over time.

And now, I am moving my nutrition and wellness private practice front and center instead of maintaining it on the side, as I have been for eight years.

Working in private practice and writing wellness blogs and books is the language of my heart. Sure, it takes a lot of investment. And the growth is gradual and less predictable than my 9-to-5 clinic jobs. Yet, with all the time and work I put in, showing up is effortless. Because I am here, just as I am, doing soul-centered work. Speaking from the heart, to the heart of others.

One thought on “Heart-Centered Vocation

  1. Cool stuff!.
    Here is what I think
    This is an amazing change. It’s so important to shift your focus and be at the forefront of your work, rather than in the background.

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