My Focal Point is a Hexagon

When all the babies are asleep during naptime, the room is dark and the lullaby music plays in the background.

There is a stillness, a peace, a pause.

And I am thrilled because that means I get to do some workplace yoga! I call it workplace because it can be done in small spaces and it’s standing poses so it doesn’t require a yoga mat. Although, the giant mat which the babies play on is a comfy surface for which to ground my socked feet. And if I have some extra time, you’ll even see me indulge in some cat-cow or child pose as well.

If you’ve done standing poses before, you’ve heard of using a focal point to help stay centered and balanced. Well, this morning I used the bright orange hexagon on the wall of shapes as my focal point. It even had a smiley face on it! As did I, since I felt fortunate to engage in some mid-morning stretching!

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