Lessons in the Importance of Assertiveness

As I imparted in my previous post, I thankfully was able to attend some of the fascinating lecture on self-regulation as well as speak personally with the young woman giving the talk. The issue was this: I didn’t honor my initial instinct to ask my husband to help and watch my daughter that morning. I wanted to “be nice,” “not bother him,” but how do you think he felt when I angrily called him later that morning to come at once so I could attend some of the session?

The lesson here is honor your gut instinct on the first go-round.

I really didn’t like how angry I got. Anger is not a good color on me, and I felt quite ashamed. I also don’t like the feeling of desperation I felt. Add to that, I feel bad for so aggressively rushing my husband to come watch my daughter. And I feel bad for uttering negative words under my breath about my daughter.

The point is, too much negative energy got built up because I was trying to do it all and be nice. And it ended up exploding in the end.

This is not the first time this has happened. But it was a real reminder to me to listen to my gut and ask for help the first time I feel I need it.

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