TBT: Heartwarming Moments Temper Cold, Frigid Mornings

It is cold outside. And windy. Very windy. Even though I am from NY I never get used to this weather. It always feels so ruthless and harsh, especially in the beginning.

This morning, after having walked through a wind tunnel, on the way to my room, I am greeted by a crying toddler sitting on his father’s lap, next to his older brother. Having been suffering with this new weather trend – I could relate to feeling upset.

I engage with the toddler and ask him what is wrong (in a nice uppity toddler-friendly voice). He calms down. I then move into distraction/entertainment mode and comment on how he and his older brother are wearing the same sneakers – red stripes and silver! Then his brother proceeds to step up and down to show me the lights on the heel of his sneaker. The toddler at this point, is smiling and laughing; soon after, he gets up, and, holding onto his father’s hand, he starts walking around the clinic.

It was a heartwarming experience in an otherwise cold and frigid morning. It gave me hope.


Originally posted on November 21, 2016 on my blog, https://theroadmapendshere.com/

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