Negative Energy EVEN at Self-Care Appointments

After a frustrating day at work with multiple misunderstandings with my co-worker, I was ready to relax. I got off earlier than usual so I went to treat myself to getting my eyebrows threaded—some self-care, me-time.

There was a long line of people waiting, so I signed in on their iPad (what great use of technology!) and then went for a walk in the pretty, sunlit shopping center which I had anyway intended to explore during my expedition (taking time for oneself feels like an expedition when you’re a new mom!)

When I came back there was one more person in front of me, so I sat down and waited. A few moments later they called my name. Apparently another woman in the store thought I had just arrived. She claimed I was cutting her and her daughter. “Great!” I thought, “Negative energy is everywhere, even at my self-care appointments.

Bottom line: I can’t escape negativity no matter how hard I try. And I best work on handling it in a way that is calmer and less destructive to my psyche: take things more lightly, don’t personalize, etc.

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