TBT: Confidence Boost Busts Stress

This morning, I was stressing out about my upcoming evening of two back-to-back nutrition sessions in my private practice. It is my first time having back-to-back sessions in private practice—not to mention, I can still count on one hand the total clients I have in my budding private practice (Where it goes, only G-d knows! But, so far, so good!)

I was really at a loss for how to get myself to feel more at ease and more confident in myself.

Then, later this morning, I got my answer at my full-time hospital clinic job.

My nutrition manager had recently updated the weekly productivity charts that I and my fellow outpatient dietitians fill out. She updated these charts a couple months ago, and now she was making additional changes to further improve them.

The thing was, she was removing one of the new functions that really helped me save time and reduce busywork. [Which, is, unfortunately, what America really runs on—Sorry Dunkin’ Donuts ;)]

Apparently, the other dietitians had trouble with this function.

While I would surely have accepted the removal of this function, if necessary, I did not want to lose this helpful feature without a fight.

As I began drafting an email to my manager, I realized how perhaps this would be an example of a time when it would be better to communicate by phone instead of email.

I called up my nutrition manager and expressed my concerns and asked if there was a way to keep the function while making it work well for the other dietitians. She agreed that there was, and said she would try to put it back in.

Voicing my concerns and feeling heard by my nutrition manager gave me just the boost of confidence that I needed for this evening’s upcoming nutrition sessions.

Originally posted on January 10, 2017 on my blog,

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