The Richness of Childhood

I majored in psychology in college and was always interested in human development and behavior. Learning about child development was especially fascinating since I’ve always liked teaching and mentoring kids. Plus I used to be a kid myself, so it was nostalgic to look back over my own life and think about how these theories of development had applied to me.

Almost two years ago I left my full-time work as a nutritionist in order to pursue a job that would be more child-friendly, in particular one in which I could have my baby in the building with me.

For the past 12 months, I have been working in a preschool. This has taught me further about the richness of childhood, how deep and rich their development is, how different their personalities, .

In a society that encourages a two-working-parent household, there may be limited time for exploring how rich the life of a child is. I feel fortunate to be in a line of work which focuses on children, and in which I can nurture the minds and hearts of these adorable kiddos.

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