TBT: It’s Snooowing!

“It’s snooowing! I want to see snow!” A young girl exiting the clinic room exclaimed excitedly as she skipped toward the window.

Kids have this way of being totally present and in awe of what they see. As an adult, snow means having to clean off one’s car, or having a longer, more frustrating commute. But kids see snow for what it is—they don’t associate it with anything else. They are in touch with the purity and the essence of the pure white snow!

It is a magical thing to behold: this ability of children to be in the moment; to feel the purest, most unadulterated joy. It is the wonder of childhood! And it is, in fact, a child’s state of wonder, that we, as adults, strive to achieve (such as through meditation, mindfulness, prayer, etc.).

Originally posted on January 31, 2017 on my blog, https://theroadmapendshere.com/


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