Day Off: A Break from the Routine

I had been looking forward to my morning off of going to the dentist. It meant I didn’t have to prepare lunches for myself or my daughter who goes to the preschool where I work.

My husband is amazing with her and was going to spend the day with her. I was also intending to take at least 10 minutes of breathing and enjoying music during this morning set aside for my dental check up.

When I woke up that morning, my husband informed me that he had slipped and hit the back of his hand pretty bad and would be getting an x-ray that day. I was especially taken aback since this was supposed to be a “simpler” morning.

So much for that…

I like routine and predictability in life. I also regretted that I wouldn’t have a simpler morning as I had wished. But I realized that perhaps the point of a “morning off” isn’t just to rest and relax (though I sure hope that is included somehow!). But also it is an opportunity to change things up. To have a change of pace and experience the day differently. To cherish being with my daughter in different, fresh ways—like playing with different toys, or utilizing a different room.

I Enjoyed Playing with my Toddler Daughter in Fresh, New Ways on My Day Off

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