The Love Between a Parent and Child

Growing up I watched a lot of Rom Coms. To this day, I still enjoy the fantasy stories of man meets woman and how they fall in love. But ever since becoming a parent I have noticed that the love between a parent and their child is just as romantic, albeit in a very different way (Sorry, Freud!).

I’m not sure why movies don’t focus more on the love between parent and child. Maybe it’s because it’s too heart-wrenching—ironic as that may sound. That it triggers too deeply for those who watch it—as they relate to their own experiences with their children or lack thereof. Another possible explanation is that people don’t want to be reminded of the fragility of life, of this incredible,miraculous bond. It’s simply too daunting to think about. Too heavy to process. And surely not a way to escape reality as movies are intended to provide.

Or maybe it’s because taking care of one’s young child requires a lot of work—another thing that movies choose to overlook in efforts to provide the viewer with a pleasurable escape. Although adult romantic relationships also require a lot of work—but somehow it’s easier for movies to gloss over that.

I think there are thousands of other possible reasons…What are some others you think of?

The Bond Between a Parent and Child is Magical

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