Mother’s Day 2019

Last year was my first Mother’s Day, but this year feels like a first in many ways. Last year my daughter was five months old. This year she is 17 months—she has grown and developed so much! And I believe I have too!…

I have learned to keep up with her:

Taking her for walks on the stairs everyday. (It’s like a playground for her :))

Taking her to an actual playground—during my lunch break at the preschool. She loves climbing around and I spot her quite carefully since it’s an older kid’s playground (3 years and up—whoa!).

Keeping up with her emotionally: being able to tell her “No” (or sometimes, at least trying to!)

Maintaining her bedtime routine of nursing, reading, and brushing teeth—even when I myself am falling asleep, feeling exhausted (Thanks to my husband for being on tooth-brushing duty!)

Waking up with her at the crack of dawn.

Entertaining her at said crack of dawn.

Making sure she doesn’t get into things or into trouble—at any time of day.

Changing her diapers even when she doesn’t want me too (and that is pretty often!)

The list goes on…

Check out my eBOOK, She Pooped, I’m Pooped!: Motherhood Year One for more on all of that.

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