Living in the Moment in the Digital Age

I recently had a picnic outside with my daughter. I didn’t bring my phone because I wanted to live in the moment and be fully present with my little munchkin. But then I felt bad when I couldn’t take a picture to capture how sweet our venture outdoors was.

I have felt this guilt many times. Wishing I had my phone on me to take a photo/video. That’s how attached/addicted we are to our phones.

But in the “olden days” (which was only 15 years ago), we didn’t have a video camera following us around wherever we went. Sure, there were times we would say, “Darn! I wish I brought my video camera!” but now we are bombarded by this thought CONSTANTLY.

I like to think back to when I was a kid and what it was like then. I want to recreate that simplicity for my child.

Being Fully Present with Your Child is the Best Gift You Can Give Them

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