Being Busy Can SPARK Creativity—Here’s Why

Whenever I add a new task to my life, I think of what I have to let go of in order to make space for this new task. Often I think that if my schedule is busier I shouldn’t be blogging anymore. And yes, I will not be taking as much time to blog, but I don’t think I can turn off that creative narrative in my head. In fact, depending on what makes me busy, sometimes I get even more creative when I am busy. For example, I recently started training to be a swim instructor. I am super busy during this training. But the training is dredging up more childhood memories and I simply have to put them down on paper.

Sometimes when we are busy, our creativity dies down—or more so, it is suppressed by all the busyness. But other times the things that make us busy also make us inspired and that sparks greater creativity!

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