My Current Work-Momlife Balance

Previously I blogged about reducing my hours at my preschool job and wondering what I would end up doing instead. My intention was to have more downtime: for myself, and my toddler daughter too. And I do—that is, when I’m not training to become a water safety instructor in the evening. I guess I’m not great at relaxing after all.

This afternoon I stayed until 5:30 at the preschool, like I had done for the previous 12 months. My daughter was happy to spend time with her friends and I enjoyed spending time with the kids as well as the teachers.

Hold on—I offered to stay LATER? Didn’t I purposely reduce my hours? Yes, but working another job which is not a preschool, I appreciate that I can be with my daughter while working. As I anticipate future babysitting needs for my evening swim instructor gig, and as I have been leaving my daughter with my hubby two evenings a week for the past couple weeks, I have come to see working in after care in a whole new light.

Not that I would want to do it every day. But now and then, I really don’t mind it. I’m with my daughter and that’s all that counts. And I like being there for the other kids too 🙂

Being With My Daughter Fills My Heart with the Deepest of Joy

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