Free Time and Mommyhood

Before I was a mom, if I spent my relaxation time editing my resume or applying to jobs, I would be angry at myself for missing out on relaxing. I should have danced or did yoga, or something else. But as a mom, free time is a commodity and taking painstaking care to edit my resume is actually a form of self-care because I am giving myself the time and space to wholeheartedly focus on myself. Editing my resume without the interruption of my adorable toddler daughter is not something I take for granted.

If you would have told me a few years ago that working on my resume would be a form of free time as a mom—I would have been like, “Huh?! No way!!”

That’s what motherhood does. It takes your life and flips it all around.

But it’s worth it.

For more on experiences of mommyhood, click here.

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