Jewish New Year Reboot

“Beep. beep,” exclaimed my 21-month-old as the oven timer went off. Whenever she hears the oven beep, she repeats it. She’s been doing this for several weeks. One time when she was being a bit unruly (as a toddler is apt to be) I even decided to set the timer with nothing in the oven, just so it would beep and re-focus her attention.

That is part of the message of the blowing of the shofar on the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, which begins tonight. A shofar blast grabs our attention, it stops us in our tracks, makes us still. Its sound penetrates our body, our soul. It wakes us up. It invites us to reboot.

What is one goal you want so much, but have been struggling with? The shofar is an invitation to start afresh!

The Shofar Blast On Rosh Hashana Invites Us to Reboot

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