The Secret to Peace of Mind: The Breath

Do you control your breath or does it control you?

The answer is: both.

Breath is a unique biological function in that it occurs involuntarily, but can be manipulated through conscious effort.

As part of my decade-long pursuit of greater peace of mind, I have engaged in mindfulness meditation exercises focusing on the breath. This morning I felt my breath as it flowed throughout my body. I was practicing abdominal breathing in order to reduce stress. I felt my belly fill with air and rise on the inhalation and empty its air and descend upon exhalation

I was observing my body through the objective observer, the witness, inside of me. I simply lay there and felt my body breathe.

I remained in this blissful state for a total of 10 seconds until my mind wandered for the first of many times during this meditation session.

For now I am consciously reminding my body to breathe into my belly as opposed to my upper chest, where I have been habitually breathing. The hope is that this becomes more automatic over time—after all, I’m simply relearning the way I breathed as an infant!

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