You Play Ukulele?

I played ukulele outside during my lunch break yesterday, the warm sun shining down on me. Hadn’t played outside since I bought this new instrument two weeks ago. It was delightful.

Something else happened that was a different kind of magical at the end. A man from our community with special needs came up to me and started asking me music trivia questions about various rock ‘n roll musicians. That conversation led into one about the illness he had when he was a kid, which is what led him to become special needs.

If I hadn’t been playing music on my stoop who knows if I ever would have heard him tell this story. Usually he tells other stories more peripheral to his life; not this one.

Music connects, music heals. Playing music is an invitation to others; it is the pure expressions of an open heart, a yearning soul—that thus invites others to open up as well.

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