What We Tell Ourselves Matters

Yesterday was a religious fast day. Fasting is supposed to spur repentance but my focus was getting through it (i.e. successfully not eating or drinking despite the cravings, weakness, etc.).

Since I’m nursing and it was a minor fast, I gave myself permission to break the fast midday. My rabbi said it was fine. My self-talk was, “Fasting is so hard, there’s no way I’m gonna make it past noon.”

But at noon, I realized I COULD make it. That HAVING to eat/drink was a self-limiting belief.

Self-limiting beliefs are things we tell ourselves we can’t do, when really we can.

I’m working on relinquishing my self-limiting beliefs. But the first step is identifying them!

Today was just one tiny example—feeling daunted by life instead of open to it is something I’m all too familiar with.

But what I tell myself through this process will likely make or break it.

And this links to the idea of repentance because without self-forgiveness and self-healing, how can we improve ourselves?

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