Letting Go of Control, Time Management

When I work on my side job during my lunch break it’s hard to tear myself away when I’m in the middle of a document. This morning I thought about how my wanting to wrap a bow around my work before I leave it (a desire/compulsion I’ve had my whole life) is really about me wanting to be in control—run things on my terms. But life is not on my terms, it’s not on any one person’s terms. Things happen—injuries, death, other more positive things—and they happen regardless of what we are expecting or our own timing. Life happens. It just does and there’s nothing one can do about it.

Well, you can, like I’ve done in the past, maintain the illusion of control and compulsively finish your own projects at the expense of running late for others.

But this, in the big picture, is counterproductive, based in falsehood, as well as messes up other people’s rhythms, etc. It’s not considerate of others.

The universe runs with or without our giving it the okay.

I thought about this this morning and today I wanted to be aligned with the universe—which meant letting go of my own agenda, my projection of how much work I would get done during my lunch break—and coming back from my break perfectly on time (even a minute early!).

The universe runs with or without our giving it the okay.

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