Losing Yourself in a Relationship, Losing Yourself in Your Work

As I began my early morning dive into my remote side job, I reminded myself that when this is over I will still be me, and I will have to work toward a calmer, more relaxed inner state. This is a short-term project, one that I have committed a lot of energy, attention, and care to—got up extra early to work on, stayed up extra late, even used up many of my lunch breaks staying indoors to type instead of taking my much-needed time outdoors in nature (gasp!).

As I thought about how I have poured myself into this project the past two months, I was reminded of how I felt when I was dating. I invested so much mental and emotional energy into dating—changing my schedule, my mind almost constantly thinking about the relationship or the possibility of one—qualities similar to how I am approaching this remote side job.

Whether relationship or job, in the end, we are always going to have ourselves. And losing oneself, giving up core parts of oneself, overexerting to please another—or even to please your own ego—will not serve somebody in the end when they return to being without that project or without that person.

Being with Yourself.

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