Through a Narrowing, Comes Expansion

Yesterday my mom asked me if she should make a video of herself giving a talk about Passover. She has presented Jewish education talks over the years, but never having been a formal teacher, she is still finding her voice in informal education. I said “Go for it! We are all living virtually now—and virtually anything is possible!” (Truth be told, I made that pun up later while writing this.)

But what I did tell her, was this:

Our current circumstances are narrowed, they’re limited. School is being conducted online. Most of our socializing is happening over FaceTime and WhatsApp calls, etc. Things have gone digital.

We are in this smaller, restricted space, yes—but it is squeezing out of us endless creativity and unique opportunity. Parents and teachers alike have been able to access online resources for educating and/or entertaining their kids at home like never before. We are reconnecting more deeply with family, friends, and neighbors—coping with the changes, supporting each other, or simply having more time to catch up.

According to the text of Jewish mysticism, the Zohar, the Hebrew word for Egypt (“Mitzrayim”)—the location of the story of Passover—actually comes from the word meaning “narrow straits.”

The holiday of Passover arrives in about three weeks. Never before have I had such an experiential preparatory period prior to Passover (whoa-alliteration)!

So much has been taken away. But with what remains, the possibilities are endless.

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