Charlotte Bronte Died of Morning Sickness

I wasn’t a big fan of English class in high school. I wasn’t really into the novels. Didn’t really understand them, but I read them for school because I wanted good grades and I was a goody two shoes. My mom had me read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte one summer. This, I did like. During the following school year, I did a research paper about Charlotte Bronte’s poetry.

What in the world made me think about this, this morning?!

Well, I am currently in the midst of formatting my own book of poetry. This morning, after several weeks of editing and formatting, I googled Charlotte Bronte. She always did hold a special place in my heart.

Well, wouldn’t you imagine my dismay at learning about how hard her life was and how two of her siblings died of tuberculosis as children. What a difficult time it was to live in the 1850s. I was reminded how far we have come in the medical field.

Then I read that she passed away at the age of 38, likely due to excessive vomiting from morning sickness and the dehydration and malnutrition which that caused. This is how this talented writer and beautiful soul died. And her unborn child didn’t survive either.

This really touched me because my day job is educating pregnant women with health risks (specifically gestational diabetes), so I always have pregnant women on my mind. Plus, I was blessed to become a mom 3 years ago, which really made me more attuned to this field. Not to mention, thinking about kid #2 down the road.

I often dread the morning sickness that will come with kid #2 when this modern mama is plugging away at her full time job. But to die from it?

Charlotte Bronte, thank you for being one of the only things that really moved me in high school English class (that and Henry David Thoreau’s Walden). I’m sorry you suffered so and I hope your soul continues to rest in eternal peace and merriment.

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