New Release: Pandemic Poetry

I’m excited to announce my new book Pandemic Poetry. It is a short book of poems that I wrote as the pandemic was starting through the present day. It focuses on feelings of loss and anxiety as well as hope and healing. I wanted to bring my experiences to life in these poems, but I also intend for them to be a springboard for further reflection, however that may look for each reader. With this in mind, I chose a book size that would allow space around each poem. Space for contemplation. Space for space’s sake. One can even add one’s own drawings, if they are called to do so.

While the pandemic changed all of our lives, each of us experienced it in our own unique way, with unique circumstances.

From wherever you are—geographically or emotionally—I hope you take a look. And I hope you find solace in these poems as well as the knowledge that we are all, in our own way, in this together.

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