Mindful Nugget: Immersing in Your Present Activity

This past Sunday morning I stopped mid-sentence, telling my daughter, “We’re going to…” I was multi-tasking so I paused to regroup my thoughts. (It was mother’s day yesterday—after all that’s what mamas do!). My 3-year-old daughter replied, “Where are we going?”: And I explained the idiom to her. We weren’t actually going anywhere.

But then I realized there was a mindful nugget there. Because we were going to do something (in this case, make another Sunday meal prep recipe). And as Jon Kabat-Zinn says, “Wherever you go, there you are!” So if we doing an activity, and switching gears, we actually are GOING somewhere. Because we are where our mind is. And so if we bring our awareness full now to the new recipe we are preparing, we are, in a real sense, “Going there.”

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