My professional life is a lot about SMART goals. So is my personal life really. I mean setting specific, realistic goals is universally helpful. We got SMARTphones dumbing us down-—mind and soul. What’s SMART art? Really it can be many things. For me, at this moment, it means, realizing that anything CAN be art. Every … Continue reading SMART Art


Recently I began feeling like a sculptor. I suck at ceramics, but hear me out. Sometimes when I write I feel like I am not creating an idea, rather giving an already-created idea a space for expression. Molding an idea that already exists out of its amorphous surroundings.


In a previous post (link here), I wrote about how when I drew a picture of the monkey on my daughter's puzzle, the pic carried with it the life of the monkey. I could feel the original monkey’s personality conveyed through my duplicate drawing. It was an internal feeling that I can’t put to words, … Continue reading Art

TBT: The Healing Power of Teaching Art and Music in School

There is an ongoing conversation regarding the detriment of cutting art and music from schools. I have another reason to add to this:  Not only do art and music expand our overall intelligence and appreciation for the world, but they can be crucial outlets for mental health. Speaking for myself, along with writing, I have … Continue reading TBT: The Healing Power of Teaching Art and Music in School