Pets Provide Emotional Solace

I went out of town recently and was concerned for weeks before that our kitty would get depressed that we left her alone and that she couldn’t go outside and play. Also I was so so scared she would run away when we were gone. I’m trying to figure out why this precious little 1-year-old fuzz ball evokes such a strong emotion in me. I have two theories.

One, because she is so cute but she is not a family member, for whom my love is so great, I can’t even start to comprehend it.

Two, because she provides me solace for those I have lost—my father, more recently, my grandmother—and if I were to lose her it would be losing all my loved ones over again as well, like a cumulative snowball effect of grieving.

I guess there is a third reason—cuz her fur is so darn soft. I mean, man. What a sweet kitty!

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