Kitty Security

Whenever my husband and I have gone away, we also check the locks one extra time before we head off to our travels.

It feels nerve-wracking to leave one’s home and belongings!

Well, this trip is different. Last June, G-d graced us with a kitty. And one year later, we are off taking our first trip away from our furry feline.

This time when we left the house, we double checked that the doors were locked but our main focus was on organizing home to be optimal for our kitty: making sure she has access to her favorite toys. Ensuring she does NOT have access to the toilets. And laying out her food cans on a table for my neighbor who graciously will be coming to tend to her.

Before I had a cat, or any pet for that matter, the vulnerability I felt when leaving for a trip was leaving my belongings behind. Now my heart is hinged on the well-being of my kitty. My feeling of security lies in the safety and security of my sweet pet.

So much has changed, but really the root of the emotional experience is the same. My kitty represents a feeling of safety, security, and love. She makes the world feel safer, fills my universe with joy and playfulness. And her fur is so darn soft! It’s therapy just to pet her!

Before my home represented belonging, safety, and security. Now this lies much within my kitty.

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