Caring: The Language of the Soul

I’ve written before about how after an impactful session with a client, I often pause afterward and feel a sense of peace, of stillness. I see this as a very spiritual experience. More spiritual than any feeling I’ve every gotten from organized group prayer (we all get inspired by different things, I suppose).

I see it as the world around me stopping. All worries are gone. I experience the moment. The gratitude. The connection. The moment of healing. The moment of relating to another and helping them. Perhaps doing this brings the divine into our midst (as I’ve been taught, being kind to your fellow human is a way of bringing the divine in) and that after the interaction, once the person has left, what remains is me, and that lingering divine presence. (I mean G-d, is always there, but I don’t always access G-d’s presence in this way.)

When I went to type up my note for the woman I saw this morning, I began to feel that the details I wrote about her were not just laborious paperwork, but rather an extension of my helping her with her health issues. I wanted to write down her current circumstances, her concerns, so that anyone who followed up with her (it may even be me) would know best how to further give her counsel.

I always wanted to go into a profession which helped people. Even those professions though, can have a a lot of paperwork. And paperwork, can be soul-numbing!

So when I felt a soulfulness infused into writing the note for this patient, that was quite a refreshing feeling to have. Instead of the feeling of drudgery, at least in the beginning, I stayed connection to my passion, to the cause for which I was fighting, for the betterment of this person’s health and happiness.

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