Home Sweet Home: Reunited with Kitty

We got back last night and I was so excited to see my kitty after being away for four days. We got her last June when my friends discovered her and her siblings in their carport. She was just 5 weeks old at the time. And this was our first time leaving her. So I had lost a considerable amount of sleep anticipating this.

Thank G-d, she was fine.

I watched her this morning before I left for work with an extra appreciation for having her around. I always love seeing her in the morning, but it was even more today. I gave myself a bit more time to play with her. And I thought about how this can be part of my mental preparation for my workday. Like kitty reaching for the toy at the end of the stick, I would be reaching for a lot of things today. Kitty represented my ego, as well as my reptilian brain. I would have impulses. I will seeing something I want to grab, even abstract things like attention and praise. So I bonded extra with my kitty and I also took the opportunity to mentally prepare for the day ahead.

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