A Return to Travel

This past week I traveled for the first time in almost 2 years. Who ever thought in this day and age going on an airplane would feel so special?

Big traumatic things have happened over the period of this pandemic. But also small traumatic things.

Like people wanting to travel and not getting to; planning a summer getaway which they had to cancel. Or people who were sick for a while prior to the Covid pandemic and finally got better, and then Covid hit.

These are all real difficulties. And as we get back to :”normal” life (I say that in quotes because normal just means things that are usual and familiar to us—it’s a relative term that we tend to feel absolute about—married to our perceptions that things are the way they are because that is the only way they can be, should be—how they go according to the script.)

As we get back into “normal” life, or the “new normal,” I feel there is still some processing to do around these small traumas. And, all the more so, the bigger ones.

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