In a previous post (link here), I wrote about how when I drew a picture of the monkey on my daughter’s puzzle, the pic carried with it the life of the monkey. I could feel the original monkey’s personality conveyed through my duplicate drawing.

It was an internal feeling that I can’t put to words, but awe was certainly part of it, as well as excitement.

Ever since I discovered this experience in drawing pictures, I am noticing more about what art is.

I always wondered why a painting of a meadow was so sought after. Like, what’s the big deal? I wasn’t someone who enjoyed art museums growing up. And I think that’s because I was looking at the art with my left brain—the analytical, critical brain, as opposed to experiencing it with my right brain—the feeling, intuitive brain.

Well, my right brain is firing up the wazoo in recent months.

I’ve discovered the internal spiritual experience of drawing. I’ve written three blogs for another website on a topic near and dear to my heart. And I’ve been enhancing my professional nutrition philosophy, getting a better hang of how and when to incorporate intuitive and mindful eating.

Recently I came upon YouTube videos of Melissa Villaseñor’s immaculate impressions. And I realized that, like with drawing a picture, the awe and amazement that comes in watching her impressions stems from her ability to bring that person’s spirit to life, to create a likeness of that person.

They are not there, yet they are so very much there.




One of my dear friends once told me that my writings and poems are not only enjoyable to read in the moment, but that the words stick with her and transform her experience of life going forward in some small way.

Best review ever!!!

What is art?

Art moves you.

It infuses you with delight, with newfound inspiration.

It provides you with an internal experience; one which you cannot fully put into words.

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