Creativity, Self-Expression

I’m in the airplane and they are going around giving out headphones. Selling them. First of all, I’m cheap so I’m not paying for those. Secondly, I didn’t expect a screen since it’s a less-than-two-hour flight.

For the flight, I brought crayons, pencils, and paper. I thought of bringing a book, but I didn’t want to play that game of how many paragraphs can I get through before my toddler whines that she needs something.

I need flexible bursts of inspiration, calm, and relaxation. I need to draw.

A part of me is sad that I am sans headphones and not watching tv on the plane. But a deeper, bigger part of me wants to take this time to create. To draw, to write. I want to fill my world with my self-expressions and creativity. Take advantage of this downtime to be pensive.

Not fill my mind and heart with the creations and expressions of others, as I would do if I watched TV on the plane.

So I’m using this time to recharge and immerse in my creative outlet.

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