Locked Out of Heaven

Yesterday I locked my keys in the car while multi-tasking since that’s what you do when you work full time and are given short notice from your landlord that you have to move.

After 2 hours of me and my husband (mostly my husband) trying to unlock the car door with a hanger, I accidentally pressed a button on the outside of the trunk that opened it up.

Open Sesame!!

The truth is, I didn’t even care that I had been outside with my husband trying to pry a lock open. I haven’t been able to relax in the evening after work anyway. I have so much adrenaline pumping in my veins preparing me for my upcoming move, for the transition, for the packing and unpacking, decluttering and reorganizing. For the emotions of having the rug pulled from under me, literally, and then being packed up and moved to my new space.

I can’t relax. My month of breathing meditation every mornings is so far away it looks like a tiny dot, even though it was recently: mid-April to mid-May. I’m so jittery about the move. They say G-d only gives you what you can handle. I know I can handle this. But relaxing right now is really hard. I will get through it, I’m just not so relaxed!

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