The Rain in Pain is Anything But Plain

Sometimes it’s Kelly Clarkson, other times it’s My Fair Lady.

Taylor Swift had an interview once where she said she was afraid that when she was in a happy relationship she wouldn’t be able to write about break-ups anymore, which has always been her jam.

When I heard this I immediately disagreed.

Once we are hurt, we are always hurt. A part of us, at least. Call it our inner child, call it a spirtiual bruise, whatever. We have been sensitized to something and no one can take that away. And it is accessible at all times, if we but quiet our minds and sit with the feeling. It is still deep inside of us. In the stillness.

It is always there. Either causing us to have defense mechanisms and/or self sabotage or hopefully, being transformed into growth and hope—what I call transmutation of pain into creativity, self expression, and, in turn, thriving.

One thought on “The Rain in Pain is Anything But Plain

  1. Such a great point because it’s so true! It may not hurt as badly with the passing of time, but we still remember it. A part of us (our Inner Child, as you said) still feels the sting. Thank you for sharing! 💖

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