Twists and Turns and Staying with Truth

Last night I went to a stand up open-mic to do stand up comedy for the first time since 2014 (which was the year I did stand up ;)).

I had all my notes prepped. My hubby and I ended up getting there an hour earlier than when one signs up for the stand up open-mic, but this was a dual date-night/mama gets her comedy on, so I was fine with that.

That first hour was blissful. First of all, I was looking forward to doing my thing. So I had some nice, healthy adrenaline. I enjoyed meeting the staff at the nightclub who were super gracious and sweet. And I was hella excited about the music that was being played—90s hip hop and R&B. I could hardly stay in my seat. I just stood up most the time and swayed and gyrated, letting the sweet, sweet rhythm flow through me.

I think this was all meant to be.

Cuz, the comedy part didn’t quite go as planned.

Other more well-known comedians went before the open-mic ones. Again, it was fun! My hubby and I enjoyed the entertainment. The host was especially hilarious and on point.

But 10 pm rolled around and my eyes were starting to get weary. My heart was growing weary too. I had gone through 3 editions of what comedy I was actually going to use over the period of the past 48 hours, and even the most recent one—although it was the most fitting—didn’t seem to jibe.

I stayed a bit longer, tried to stick it out and make it for my turn, but my heart kept telling me it wasn’t worth it. I wanted to go to sleep and I also didn’t want to break the flow of the comedy that was already being performed and flowing to the vibrant and cheerful audience of which I was a part.

I’ll record my stint for my friends as they had requested—cuz you know I’m still a performer y’all.

In the end of the day (or really, night), I’m just glad I had the spiritual wherewithal to roll with the punches.

To listen.

Instead of just imposing my expectations.

I let life lead the way.

I felt the room. Engaged with the heart of the audience. Which, by the way, is a large part of what stand up comedy is all about, ironically.

I honored my instincts.

I listened to my heart.

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