Mornings: The Dark Before the Light

This morning, my daughter commented that when it was light it would be wake up time.

But I explained to her that mornings actually start in the dark.

And even though I was sitting on the toilet at the time, I couldn’t help but do a little jig of excitement for my new realization.

G 1: Why did I have to mention the toilet.

Uch, Gila that’s not inspiring!

G 2: Yeah, but it’s real.

I go to the bathroom, I’m no Pharoah (or what Pharoah was portrayed to be).

Plus, one’s toddler following them into the bathroom is a relatable experience.

And relatable is what I want to be!

The idea that mornings start in the dark is parallel to the notion that we each have a shadow, parts of us that we are ashamed of. But if we let ourselves accept our shadow, they can be a great source of creativity and healing. More on shadow work, here.

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