Mama Needs Space

Early this morning the smoke detector went off. Yada yada yada. My daughter did wake up. Which meant my me-time in the wee hours of the morning was taken away.

Being that I am currently processing 30 years of trauma and personal growth and evolution, I kinda need my me-time—now more than ever!

She refused to go back to bed.

I tried multiple times.

She still refused.

I was losing my cool.

She asked for OooTube (aka YouTube).

I resisted.

She asked again.

I resisted.

She asked again.

I started to blow a casket.

Then, I realized:

Better for her to watch YouTube than for me to spew vitriol at her.

A little dopamine addiction is better than destructive language coming from one’s mama.

I gave myself permission to give her permission to watch YouTube.

And I went on my merry way to blog and journal.

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