Why Self-Care is Anything But Selfish

Remember that scene in Friends where Phoebe tried to prove to Joey that there are selfless good deeds by getting stung by a bee?

Well, instead of selfless good deeds, I want to ponder how doing things for ourselves is in fact NOT selfish.

Well, it can be. But it doesn’t HAVE to be.

This afternoon my husband took my daughter to a doctor’s appt. When I left work, I could have potentially driven out of my way to meet them there, but that would have emptied my already low stores of energy. So I returned home to go for a much-needed jog. And when my daughter and hubby came back I was much more pleasant than I would have been had I still had all the pent-up stress from my workday.

Maybe it’s not about selfless versus selfish, maybe it’s about finding situations where everybody wins. Now that reminds me of Steven Covey’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective People...

What Healthy Habits Bring Your Life to the Next Level?…

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