Mindfulness and the Tree of Knowledge

After Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge, they saw reality in terms of good versus bad. They had a subjective opinion about how things were going. Prior to that, they were solely objective, seeing things as G-d did, living in alignment in action and thought with G-d.

If we think about the purpose of mindfulness, it is to take a pause and differentiate between our emotional reactions and what is actually happening in real life. To notice our judgments about our life experiences, but to not take them as absolute truth. To recognize that thoughts are thoughts, they are not going away, but we have a choice to pause and access wise mind instead of getting caught up in our thoughts and/or emotions.

So it would appear that being mindful, is an antidote to the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

And to corroborate that, Rabbi David Aaron, founder of Isralight and well-renowned instructor of kabbalistic teachings, actually defines G-d as reality itself.

So there you have it: Being mindful, is being in touch with reality as it is. Radical acceptance, if you will.

And that, in turn, brings you closer to G-d.

Being part of a religious community my whole life, I have struggled with all the things one signs on for when being in a religious community. It’s a topic for another time.

But that being said, living mindfully is my number one goal, whether it be with my family, at work, or taking part in activities led by my religious community.

Mindfulness as the antidote to Adam and Eve’s sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

The realization is simple. Putting it into practice on the other hand, less so. But the effort and dedication will reap much reward in the form of greater clarity and inner peace, and subsequently, joy.

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